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Introducing the all new ImHosted.com Control Panel, the amazing online site management tool which allows you to master your online web space and makes the technical aspects of running your site simple and seamless. Through the power of this online software you can create e-mail accounts, 404 error pages, sub-domains, mailing lists, and much more. You can also manage your account profile, users, passwords, FTP accounts, files and directories, visitor statistics, and more. Plus even more features for advanced users including databases, handlers, and cron jobs. Simply put, it is the industry's most powerful web-based site management tool! There is no competition. Never before has controlling your website been this easy, yet intuitive!

  • Add/Remove Email Accounts, Aliases, Forwarders, Auto responders
  • Setup FTP, Sub-domains, SSL, Chatrooms, CGI scripts
  • Monitor Resources (disk space, bandwidth)
  • Real-time Account Statistics and Graphical Site Statistics
  • MySQL Database Management Interface
  • Password Protect Directories, 404 Error Pages, Modify MIME Types
  • Start a Telnet session, Access WebMail, View Active FTP Sessions
  • Manage, Upload, Download, Delete Files
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