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Millions are getting online everyday; which means millions are buying from the web. Online Sales have passed the billion dollar mark and the numbers are only going up. The only way to stake your claim in this billion dollar market is through E-commerce; selling your products and services through electronic means.

Here at, we make getting your business on the web easy and affordable. While many of our competitors charge you extra fees for ecommerce functionality, we don't. All our web hosting plans include ecommerce software at no extra charge! It's all free and here at!

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Click here to see live online stores using oScommerce, just one of many shopping cart systems we provide and install at no extra charge!

Free to all hosting customers:

  • Free Shared SSL Secure Server (safely encrypt information)
  • oSCommerce Shopping Cart System
  • CREloaded Shopping Cart System
  • CubeCart Shopping Cart System
  • ZenCart Shopping Cart System

What is a Shopping Cart?
A shopping cart program is a way to sell your products online and it works just like it sounds. It tracks all the items that the shopper wants to buy and then enables the customer to purchase them from the comforts of their own home.

When shoppers are ready to buy, they head to the checkout counter. This is where they review all the items in their shopping cart, make changes, decide on things like gift wrapping and shipping, and finally, hand over their credit card number. All web hosting accounts include shopping cart/ecommerce software, free of charge!

Shopping Cart Options
Our web hosting plans include multiple pre-installed shopping cart. We also recommend two alternate shopping carts that do not require a merchant account. With these two you can be accepting credit cards almost instantly. Compare these options and choose the right one for your business!

Features PayPal Cart 2Checkout
(best for starters)
oSCommerce ZenCart
Merchant Account required? No No Yes Yes
Setup Fee Free $49 Free Free
Transaction Fee 2.2% +
.30¢ per transact
5.5% +
45¢ per transact
Separate Merchant Account required Separate Merchant Account required
Card Support Master, Visa, Discover, AMEX Master, Visa, Discover, AMEX Separate Merchant Account required Separate Merchant Account required
ImHosted Supported Yes Yes Yes, Included Yes, Included
SSL Certificate Required No, Included free No, Included free Yes ($100 per year) Yes ($100 per year)
Target Market Any Small Business or Trader Any Small Business Large, Corporate Shopping Sites Medium Established Online Business
  Website Website    


Important URLS

  • A demo site showcasing oScommerce Shops in action!
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