The features listed below are unique features which are exclusive to™ customers.
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Exclusive/Unique Hosting Features
Feature Description
Web Based Control Panel The™ Web Hosting Control Panel is an online account and website management tool which lets you administer the features of your shared hosting account from the ease of a standard web browser. From there you can control any aspect of your shared account. (E.g. email, FTP, sub-domains, backups, detailed statistics, CGI scripts, account information, secure forms and more). The demo can be found here.
Fast Account Activation When you signup for a hosting account with your credit card your account will be activated within the same day! No waiting days or weeks. Once you have completed the signup your account will be queued for processing which normally takes about 6-12 hours. You will then receive a welcome email with all the important information regarding your account such as username, password, IP, etc.
Accelerated Cache Technologies At™ all our clients enjoy faster page loading and script execution thanks to cache engines we've installed. These high end cache engines reduce page loading time and script execution by performing optimizations and various types of caching, using advanced techniques that yield much better performance, usually from two to four times more requests per second. These engines also play an important part in cutting down latency by as much as 20-fold, by preventing dynamic pages from doing any repetitive work, and reducing the turnaround time for each request.

More information can be found here.
Professional Site Submit Let people know about your site and get hits! Using this exclusive offer we will manually submit your website to 30 of the web's most popular search engines. The free promotion service is provided to all web hosting clients. Normally worth $59.95. This service is exclusive and free to ImHosted™ customers only.
Network Connectivity Your web site will be hosted within our primary state-of-the-art data center. This center is equipped with fully redundant power, air-conditioning and fiber connectivity. All customer sites are directly connected to an OC-192 backbone with an additional 155mbps OC3. All our servers have BGP-fail over installed guaranteeing you fast and extremely reliable connectivity.
99.998% Aggregate Uptime with a Guarantee Policy Our great combination of 24 hour server monitoring, UPS and generator backups, fault tolerant web servers, and reliable backbone connections has proven itself by giving us a nearly flawless history of uptime. Because of this our aggregate uptime is at an astounding 99.998% availability. We have gone one step further and introduced a guarantee policy which credits you for any downtime. Thanks to our world class infrastructure and connectivity you can be sure your web site has full exposure at all times to web users around the world.
Low Customer-to-Server Ratio Unlike most competitors who put up to 3,000 customers on a single server,™ puts only a few sites on each server. We limit the amount of sites on our Linux servers to 70 to 100 depending on which plan you choose. This means that your Web site is always fast and available. A poor ratio of customers to servers means increased downtime and slower site access, even if a host advertises state-of-the-art servers and high-speed network connections.
Unlimited CPU usage All our servers are equipped with blazing fast CPU processors and it is for this reason, along with a low cpu:user ratio that we can offer unlimited CPU usage. All plans carry a non-restricted usage on the CPU, however if we find that you abuse our system resources we will ask you to remove the offending script. We apply this restriction simply to keep our servers problem free and in top notch condition.
Live Customer Help™ offers unbeatable live customer service. Our technical support team is staffed by individuals with extensive experience in domain hosting, programming and ecommerce and are here to help whenever you are in need. You can chat with our online technical support team via ICQ, on the Web or through AOL's AIM.
24-Hour Support Technical support is one of the most important topics there is to talk about. If you can't get the help you need, what good is it? That's why at™ we have round the clock email technical support. We make a special effort to answer your questions quickly so you can make the best use of your time. We guarantee 24hr responses, but we usually get back to you within a few hours. We take our technical support very seriously so that you can get the help you need...FAST!!
Comprehensive On-line Technical Support We have also worked very hard to put together an incredible on-line technical support section. About 95% of technical support questions can be found on our website or in your control panel. That should be very important to anyone looking for web hosting. You don't want to have to spend hours searching the Internet for the answers you need. Everything in our support section is easily outlined so it's easy to find what you're looking for. In minutes...not hours.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee If after signing up with™ Web Hosting you are dissatisfied FOR ANY REASON, we will happily refund 100% of your money within 30 days. (Note: Domain registrations are not refundable)
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