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Awards Received - Click here to see more!At we work hard to exceed customer expectations. Have a look at what just a few of our thousands of satisfied customers have to say about us! Feel free to visit their sites.

" I would like to congratulate the personnel at for their outstanding service which is very reliable and friendly. In a day and age where technical support is crucial to the smooth and efficient operation of a company, you stand out in providing fast answers on technical issues. Thanks for being the kind of company that makes doing business a pleasure and setting an example of "Top Quality Service". I appreciate the opportunity to build a business relationship with a growing company that provides excellent service year after year. " - Norman Boswell

"I am very impressed with the level of support and the responsiveness that I have received in every inquiry I have placed. I'll be referring you to people who ask. You guys are great!"
- Lee Jones

"Thank you for showing me what professional quality hosting is all about. The features offered by you are without equal, especially when one considers your tremendously low prices. AdWWWorks relationship with your company has just begun."
- Frank Breyette

"Everything is working great now. A very impressive service."
- Nick Hearnshaw

"Fast server, Fast connection, Good Support, Great prices! I think has found the perfect home!!!"
- Ken P.

"I have noticed you have a great service and I would recommend you to anybody! I have already got you some business for you LOL! My friend signed up with the domain a while back I want you to tell me exactly how you feel about this. I want to remain a member here. Thank You for everything!"
- Christopher Greer

"Thank you for your continued GREAT support."
- Dan Stauss

"You have the best web hosting service I have seen!"
- Parker Ellis

"Thanks for pleasant hosting experience! After moving from one provider to the next for over two years, I've finally found one that knows how to balance cost with a professional service offering."
- David Ownby


"You guys are an amazing host provider!!!"
- Marco S.

"You guys have been the most responsive host I've worked with since 1997. Quick turnaround on Sunday after a major holiday is great!"
- Ben Wilson

"I am enjoying your web hosting services and wish to keep you folks as my web host for as long as possible. I have been referring everyone I know to you guys!"
- Matt S.

"You are always helpful. AMAZING!"
- Lu Giang Dinh

"I got my questions answered extremely quickly, and my problem was well-explained. I was also able to have my problem fixed from the ticket, instead of having to go through a bunch of other places. Overall, I am very impressed by the high quality service I have received."
- Dianne Farnham

"You guys are the best. Everything is in order and working great!"
- Jason Cummins

"I was aided by both Jase & James. Between them I had the issue resolved overnight (I started late!) - THANKS!!! I am always impressed with your support."
- Scott Martin

"You always give me quick, friendly and helpful answers. I definitely don't plan to change to any other hosting provider: I've always been really happy with your service."
David Nelson (david @

"My friend has a web hosting account through you guys and i heard what a great service and business you run."

"I already have a domain, and I just renewed it with them so I don't need you guys to do this part of it. Thanks for the great service though. I love my hosting options and capabilities even on this starter plan."
- Steve M.

"Finally! A company that really delivers what they promise! Just a short note to let you know that our IT department is very impressed with your customer service, attention to detail, professionalism, and your connection speeds. I now have confidence that we can deliver what we have promised our clients because of your support. Keep up the fantastic work!"
- Tim Smallwood

"I have never had a better web host! There are obviously many companies out there who could take a few lessons on pricing, customer support, and Web page design."
- Alain Meyer

"I'm already more pleased within the first 48 hours of being with you guys than I had been in months at the last place. I've already mentioned you to some friends, and I'll continue to recommend you to anyone I know looking for web hosting."
- Virginia Sowers

"FYI, I am absolutely amazed at how good your web hosting service is! Best wishes and watch for me, because I'll be moving over all of my sites soon."
- Noel Jeffrey


"If you folks ever need any testimonials, please let me know. You guys are the best hosting service in the business and believe me I've tried several."
- Lisa Jensen

"This hosting account is great, no problems at all! Best thing for me is reliable email. I don't have any complaints at all, speed is great as expected which makes it nice to do web development work on as well if I am uploading stuff all the time."
- Michael Lee

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