ImHosted™ Affiliate Program

We offer generous commissions for recommending our premium web hosting services to your website's visitors. Our affiliate program provides you with a way to make money by placing a banner or text link on your site, linking to By putting a text link or banner on your site and sending visitors to, you instantly receive $120 USD for every hosting sale that comes to us through your site.

Also, as our valued affiliate, you will access our complete web-based tracking system to help you evaluate the success of your affiliate site. See how much money you have earned, generate traffic reports and update your account information, online in real time. We now use Commission Junction to handle our affiliate sales and payments.

Pay Per Sale Program
Make $$$ per sale!
The more sales you send, the more you make!
1-1000+ $120 per sale
Get 10 sales in a month: BONUS $100
Get 60 sales in a month: BONUS $600
Example: Send us 3 signups in any month and make $120x3 = $360month. Enough to pay for your hosting fees and more!

Send us 20 or more signups and make:
$120x20 = $2400/month + $200 BONUS

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How much does it cost becoming an Affiliate?
Absolutely nothing. There is no cost to you to become an Affiliate.

Which plan sells the most?
Our highest selling plans are: Starter and Gold Plan 1.

Do I get commission for domain registrations?

I'm already an affiliate. How do I login?
Please visit to access your account

How are sales tracked?
Sales are tracked using cookies that expire after 120 days. A cookie is a tiny text file that tracks which affiliate sent the customer and what type of link they used. It does NOT record email addresses or any other personal information.

Who handles my payment?
All affiliate sales are handled by Commission Junction, the web's leading affiliate network!

Do I have to have a website or qualify to be an affiliate?
Any web site can qualify for the Affiliate Program!

Which plan qualifies for affiliate commission?
Annual, 24 Months, 36 Months, 48 Months only.

How does an affiliate program work?
An affiliate program is one of the most effective and low-maintenance ways to make money on the Internet. Most likely, you already have links to other websites on your web page. Put a affiliate link on your website and you will earn money each time someone clicks on your link, visits the website, and purchases a web hosting plan.


1. You put an affiliate text link or banner ad on your website that links to (We give you these special codes)

2. When a potential customer clicks on that link, it takes them through our affiliate system on the way to our site.

3. We put a temporary cookie in their browser that expires after a lengthy period. A cookie is a tiny text file that tracks which affiliate sent the customer and what type of link they used. It does NOT record email addresses or any other personal information.

4. Then, if the customer purchases a web hosting plan, the information from the cookie is sent to us and you get paid. So, once you have a link on your site, your job is pretty much finished. We provide the service, billing, and support, while you just figure out what to do with the extra cash. Everything about your affiliate link is tracked automatically through our affiliate system. We provide a complete report interface to help you evaluate the success of your affiliate program. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to make your website earn its keep.

How do I get paid?
You may choose to receive your payment through a check in the mail or via Bank transfer.

When will I be paid?
Commissions are paid within 45 days of the close of a calendar month for all verified and approved sales in that particular calendar month. For example, if you refer a new customer in February then you will receive the commission on or before April 15th, assuming the customer does not take advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee.

How can I track the success of my affiliate program?
Account activity such as the number of click-thu's, conversions, commissions and account status can be viewed in real-time through the affiliate program summary and the in-depth stats area of your account. Simply log in to your affiliate control panel to view this information!

What about customers who have their cookies disabled?
Over 99% of all Internet users have cookies enabled in their browsers (less than 1% of all users have their cookies disabled). The fact is that cookie-based technology is a reality that will remain a part of consumer tracking for individual Internet businesses. In the highly unlikely situation that a customer has cookies disabled, the customer is out of the range of publisher tracking and sales that occur cannot be tracked.

Do you provide the links and banners?
Yes, we provide a wide selection of links and banners in several colors, designs and sizes as well as text and editorials for you to use throughout your site. You will find the latest banners and promotions inside the affiliate control panel. We also have additional banners you can use.

Can I participate if I reside outside of the United States?

If I have any problems with my affiliate account or commissions, whom do I contact?
Please send any questions you may have to affiliates(@) An affiliate manager will answer your questions as soon as possible!

Can I refer myself / join as an affiliate before I signup for hosting?
No. If you join our affiliate program and use the affiliate link to sign up for your own personal account, you will not receive your commission. It is against the terms to self refer yourself.

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