Bandwidth Usage Policy

ImHosted's bandwidth policy is simple! You are allotted a portion of bandwidth per month to do with as you please. You can use this bandwidth for anything you want besides things not permitted as outline in the Acceptable Usage Policy. If you go over your allotted amount of bandwidth in a given month, your account will not be suspended or terminated but you will be expected to pay for the additional bandwidth.

ImHosted provides a bandwidth estimate figure in your control panel. This is an estimate and is provided from the server level. Actual account bandwidth usage is measured for billing purposes at the port level. This policy exists because many users offer files for download via FTP which is not otherwise measured by the server directly at this time. Please note that because the bandwidth is monitored at the port, any and all traffic for your Web Site is tracked including, but not limited to: FTP uploads and downloads, mail sending and retrieval, normal Web traffic, etc. Everything that is pushed from our server to a third-party's machine is considered bandwidth and will be measured.

We have designed this policy because many users find that hosts offer "unlimited" bandwidth only to find out that it has a very real bandwidth limit. Further, they place restrictions on what you can use the bandwidth for (i.e. no image galleries because they are a large source of bandwidth consumption). We tell you up-front how much bandwidth you are allocated each month and you have the full amount to use.

It is important to note that many sites don't use more than 1 GB of bandwidth. Your site has to be very popular or very graphic intensive to use more than 1 GB. If you are unsure of your bandwidth usage prior to moving your site to ImHosted, contact us. We would be happy to review your current site statistics with you to help you choose the right package.